How do you understand the question above?

You are riding your bike and a police patrol passes you, turns around and follows you. What do you think?

You have a 500 euro bill. What do you do?

Your child is having problems at school and you are asked to come to a parent meeting. What do you do?

How often are you asked about your thoughts on the free democratic basic order?

Vacation in your parents' homeland is ...

Do you know the names of all your uncles and aunts?

Who is your favorite musician?

Chapati or Injera?

How many languages do you speak?

On a scale of 0 to 10, how entitled are you?

How much woke knowledge do you have?

Identitti EN
Mainly answers in category A
Congratulations, you are a Kinder Surprise Egg: You're afraid you're brown on the outside and white on the inside. Never be afraid: it's all chocolate.
Mainly answers in category B
Congratulations, you are a Kinder Surprise Egg: Made and distributed in Germany. But you also have a migration history. Kinder Surprise belongs to the Italian company Ferrero.
Mainly answers in category C
Congratulations, you are a Kinder Surprise egg: Nothing could be sweeter and more surprising than you.
Mainly answers in category D
Congratulations, you are a Kinder Surprise Egg: Please insert the reason yourself, but you didn't read that far anyway, did you?

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